Originally Posted by zenbot Aerobie Epic. Send a private message to Elderberen. Disc Golf Review Archive. I only use mine for getting out of trouble. Epics are far from junk nor a novelty, yes the have maximum distance that is not impressive, but with the proper, skill, knowledge and education of how to use this disc you will find it very effecient workhorse. Keep throwing whatever you had thrown before. Find all posts by Elderberen.

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Aerobie Epic Golf Disc Ultra Long Range Driver Epicyclic Design Model A70

I never throw mine for distance, only short range throws through foliage and over bushes. The reason why Aerbie want to learn how to throw an epic overhead is because I have a baseball background and can throw a XXX Tomahawk average ‘ and maxing out at ‘ with pinpoint accuracy. Throw it overhand into a large garbage receptacle.

Don’t want any bounce-outs. I think I will just keep it in my trunk and maybe throw it once a week in a round or throw it with some buddies before an ultimate game. Throw it in the trash.

Originally Posted by zenbot.

What do ya’ll think of the Epic? Its more of a novelty I feel. Let me take that Groove out before you shoot though. Or are you aerobi not intelligent enough to wrap your mind around the genius design, being forced to use inferior discs like the rest of us?


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And it is possible to learn how to throw it correctly and pretty consistently, but it’s going to take a buttload of practice. Its not worth having to sit around nursing your arm. Woah, some irrational hatred for the Epic going on here. Send a private message to jenb. A card with tuning instructions comes with each disc.

Keep throwing whatever you had thrown before. If you don’t already have a good overhand, you will just hurt yourself and give up before you figure it out.

Epic | Aerobie Distance Driver Disc Golf Disc

No, i’m not carrying one in my bag at the moment, but there is a aerobke for that, and it’s not because the disc sucks, it’s because the courses i’ve been playing lately don’t have any “epic” holes that i would really have an advantage on Thank you Kevinmzane do you only throw thumbers with it or do try throwing tomahawks and on your thumber throw do you pinch the bottom of the rim with your index and middle finger or do you put those fingers on the opposite side of the disc.

Quality made in the U. Find all posts by JonRoc.

User Name Remember Me? This sums it up the best Quote:. Unfortunately, a rim wider than about an inch rpic difficult to grip properly. My thumber grip is with my 2 fingers on the top side of the disc, but that is also personal preference partially due to the pistol grip style not working well for me on larger rimmed drivers.


Ah, the Epic, the physically challenged member fo the disc golf family. So I thought that if I can throw an epic farther it would give me a huge aetobie advantage.

Originally Posted by zenbot Aerobie Epic. I just got a Aerobie Epic in the mail yesterday and bought it just for tomahawks and thumbers. Something to keep in mind, the epic is legal but no other disc like it will be approved under the current tech standards.

Thanks for the advice really do appreciate it. I went out today and throw it and tried throwing it on different spots on the rim but could only throw it about ‘ and when I threw it flip over like a regular tomahawk then it flip over again and flew like a regular backhand throw. Find all posts by prerube.

If you take the time to test throw and adjust or tune the disc to your throwing speed and style, you will learn to capitalize on the Epic. It would have to be an extra large dumpster because the Epic is so unpredictable after leaving the hand.

Steepest learning curve of any golf disc ever.