Although raw CPU frequencies are not really treated as true benchmarks today, they remain an important performance metric for most overclockers. At FSB, we had no problems at all. Guide D’installation Rapide Abit Eq the Hardware Doctor Utility Install System Memory

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With a lot of manufacturers cooling the MCP southbridge, I would have liked to see Abit include a passive heatsink on the NF7-M as well since it can get quite warm.

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Accelerated Graphics Port Slot It was manufactured using a nm 0.

Install System Memory Flashmenu bios Update Utility If one were to buy a mid to high end motherboard or AMD “whitebox” system these days, they would be well advised to only seriously consider options which have ‘nVIDIA nForce2 inside. If you decide to upgrade abitt of vanity, or necessity, to a larger active Northbridge heatsink you’ll appreciate the fact that ABit have placed the fan header just a few millimeters up on the board.

ABIT mainboards for Intel processors are shipped moterboard blue boxes. Install Nvidia Nforce Chipset Driver Return next week when we will focus on the AMD Socket platform and the motherboards, chips and scores that defined that particular era. The current advantage of Serillel is that you can add an additional IDE drive to your system for a total of five instead of four.


The nForce Ultra was most popular with overclockers due to its ability reach higher clock speeds with independent CPU, memory and AGP overclocking. Besides the two rear USB 2.

ABIT NF7-M – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – nForce2 IGP Overview – CNET

Load Optimized Defaults Log in Don’t have an account? Nvidia’s competition has been scrambling to catch up, and even newer chipsets like VIA’s KTA don’t appear to have enough muster when it comes to the benchmarks or feature lists. Our AMD series of articles kicks off with the classic Socket Aa CPU socket and platform which many us will recall with fondness, not least because it also involved some memorably overclockable processors.

Guide D’installation Rapide To add some spice to our test report we compare the performance of both NF7 revisions with a competing dual-channel DDR Intel system: About Us Employment Privacy Policy. Connectors, Abbit And Switches Here you’ll be able to add a maximum of four USB 2.

Doing straight out of the box is an amazing feat in itself. Soft Menu III, don’t ya love it?


Motherboard Memory Lane: AMD Socket A, Abit NF7-S V and AMD Athlon +

It supported a range of K7 architecture AMD processors and core designs that spanned the period from to Knowing how well those other two iterations of the NF7 platform have mothedboard, I’m sure you’ll agree we have some high expectations about what this board will be able to do, so let’s get started! Additional Usb Port Headers It’s motherbowrd easy to see why Abit’s NF7 series of motherboards are so popular.

Ships with the following: CPU Frequency Although raw CPU frequencies are not really treated as true benchmarks today, they remain an important performance metric for most overclockers.

To top things off, nForce2 has not suffered from any major compatibility problems unlike some rival chipsets. A clearly visible difference between 1. I was happy that Abit did all the little things right, the motherboard is very ng7 labelled, and there was even thermal compound between the northbridge heatsink and nForce2 IGP.