Glossary Glossary To help you understand the main technical terms and abbreviations used in this booklet and take full advantage of the feature on your mobile phone, here are a few definitions. Your phone is designed to make it easy for you to access a wide variety of content. Also, work to memorize the phone keypad so you can use the speed dial function without taking your attention off the road. You can enter contact address speed dial numbers for any of the 8 numbers information including name, phone numbers, for a specific contact address so that a e-mail addresses, group information items, contact address may have multiple speed dial memos, ring tones, and image photograph. There are 6 predefined messages in the list. You can see the default and animation file with the selected images downloaded games in the list. For example, storing names in the Address Book, writing a Characters in the Order Display message, or creating scheduling events in the Upper Case Lower Case calendar all require entering text.

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LG CF review: LG CF – CNET

This allows Application menu. Allows you to send taken Photos S ave to: Slide the phone open ct360 you’ll find the number keypad. D o not disassemble or modify the memory D o not hold or let the antenna come in card. Settings Brightness Memory Card: Check the laws and regulations on the use of wireless phones in the areas where you drive. Accessories Stereo headset Allows hands-free operation.


S elect Shop Music 2. Answering a Call Notice You can answer a call while using the Address When you receive a call, the phone rings and Book or other menu features. A maximum of 20 pages can be saved.

Shows the list of albums of all the songs in your music library, and shows all the songs on a chosen album. There are many mobile communication software packages available today. My Stuff Picture Note Menu 7. The CF has a small internal memory of 10 MB, which can store up to contact entries with each storing up to 5 phone numbers, 2 email addresses, and a picture ID.

LG CF – Wikipedia

Allows you to create a maximum of The browser cannot connect to the Internet if 20 new accounts. You can listen to the songs in random.

If wireless equipment is shock. Sign in to comment. They will be stored in the Inbox. General Functions Entering Text Note Refer to the table below for more information You can enter alphanumeric characters by on the characters available using the keys. P age where you can find the feature description. C onnect the travel charger to a standard AC wall outlet.

CF360 Support

The CF is a slim slider that is easy on the eyes and the hands, and while its feature set isn’t that exciting, it’s not that bad either. This enables services such as colour internet browsing, e-mail on the move, powerful visual communications, multimedia messages and location-based services all through the handset.


You can set the brightness of display screen. Contact your service Menu 5. Refer to the below table. Always cover the power cord unplugged. Let the person you modme speaking with know you A camera lens and speaker are found on the top rear of the face, and the phone also includes volume and dedicated camera keys on either side. Backlight Timer Display Menu 9. The phone also includes an image editor, which lets you resize, crop, and rotate photos as well as add filters, color effects, and fun movem.

Reload the page to see its updated state. Using the camera module built into your phone, you can take pictures of people or 4.

You can simply take a picture and send it to a friend with a compatible mobile. Store the battery in a place out of required distance between the power cord reach of children.