Chad 8 months ago. Jared 8 months ago. Worth hi Most Accurate Utility I just asked the same thing! If so will that data be made available? Sign me up for the newsletter.

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This was a nice write up of the results. Always a grind to do it better…bigger grind still to ensure everyone understands it. Windy conditions and firm fairways like those often encountered during the Open Championship are often why professional choose utility clubs.

No matter what the statistics or numbers say. Alex 1 month ago. They stress over the putter they truly want and do poorly with it, then they are loose with the one they hate golfspyy roll it in every time. To me 5ft is the most important range. I agree with your post. Now I am not one to doubt the validity of these tests but I do see some very strange patterns. Travis 1 month ago.



Harvey 8 months ago. Keep up the good work. Sean 1 month ago. Looks more like the top 4. We are here to help educate and empower golfers. Also the Cleveland TFI 1. Most of us are not going to make many 20 footers…. Beyond cheating the wind, other reasons to consider utility clubs include narrow fairways, long par-3s, and other scenarios where precision and workability can supplant the need to maximize distance.

Half of the test rated it highly for feelmany noting that the higher loft made it easier to launch the ball high. Filled designs like those used by PXG not tested and TaylorMade purportedly allow for thinner faces which produce faster ball speeds. John Willson 8 months ago. After searching around, I realized noone even remotely close has the ER3, so…. Andrew 1 month ago. Scotty has never done that well in these tests.

But average price of putters is a bit crazy. What club would I drop out? For each ranking at each distance. No visible adjustability options either from what I can tell.



Yuck I hate Cobra for example means not giving it a fair shake. So what about carrying 2 putters in the bag?

KM 8 months ago. Tony 8 months ago. More than half of the testers rated this club as one of their favorites. For alot of weekend golfers this should help wznted. Almost like they hate facts or something.

The B-RX is historically the best-selling ball in the Bridgestone lineup. Some testers reported that the P UDI pleasantly surprised them with feel and sound; while some said it was clunky.